Surface Chemistry

  • Wafer cleaning simply means removal of particles and contamination

  • Purpose of wafer cleaning is remove the particles and impurities on the silicon substrates without damage

  • Particle contaminants and impurities affect device performance,  product yield and reliability, therefore it is important to clean substrate surface

  • Representatively, there are two methods for wafer cleaning process such as wet clearing and dry cleaning

  • Wet cleaning is normally used for wafer cleaning due to excellent particle removal efficiency for organic and inorganic contaminants

  • However, there is environment issues on wet cleaning of silicon surfaces

  • Therefore, eco-friendly wafer cleaning technology is required in the current industry

  • Recently, eco-friendly and cost-effective cleaning technology is required for ecological reasons.

  • Our laboratory researches eco-friendly wafer cleaning technology for removing small particles without damage.

  • A method based on a polymer coating.