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Polymer Energy Materials Laboratory

​고분자 에너지재료 연구실


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Phone: +82-54-279-2268


2005.03 ~ 2010.08: Ph.D. (POSTECH)

1999.03 ~ 2005.02: B.S. (POSTECH)

Academic Appoinments

2023 ~ : Professor (Department of Chemical Engineering, POSTECH)

2020 ~ 2023: Associate Professor (Department of Chemical Engineering, POSTECH)

2017 ~ 2020: Associate Professor (DGIST)

2013 ~ 2017: Assistant Professor (Chung-Ang University)

2010 ~ 2012: Post Doc. Researcher (University of Chicago)

Selected Publications (*Corresponding author)

1. J. Kim‡, H. Kweon‡, M. Lee‡, M. Kang, S. Lee, S. An, W. Lee, S. Choi, H. Choi, Y. Seong, H. Ham, H. Cha, J. Lim, D. H. Kim*, B. Kim*, and D. S. Chung*, "Exciton-Scissoring Perfluoroarenes Trigger Photomultiplication in Full Color Organic Image Sensors", Adv. Mater.  2023Accepted Articles, 2302786  (I.F.=29.4; JCR2022)

2. J. Lee, S. Z. Hassan, S. Lee, H. R. Sim, and D. S. Chung*, "Azide-Functionalized Ligand Enabling Organic–Inorganic Hybrid Dielectric for High-Performance Solution-Processed Oxide Transistors", Nat. Commun.  202213, 7021  (I.F.=17.694; JCR2021)

3. M. Kang, S. Z. Hassan, S.-M. Ko, C. Choi, J. Kim, S. K. Parumala, Y.-H. Kim, Y. H. Jang, J. Yoon, D.-W. Jee, and D. S. Chung*, "A Molecular-Switch-Embedded Organic Photodiode for Capturing Images against Strong Backlight", Adv. Mater.  202233, 2200526  (I.F.=32.086; JCR2021)


4. J. Kim, M. Kang, S. Lee, C. So, and D. S. Chung*, "Interfacial Electrostatic-Interaction-Enhanced Photomultiplication for Ultrahigh External Quantum Efficiency of Organic Photodiodes", Adv. Mater.  202133, 2104689  (I.F.=30.849; JCR2020)


5. S. H. Yu‡, S. Z. Hassan‡, C. So, M. Kang, and D. S. Chung*, "Molecular-Switch-Embedded Solution-Processed Semiconductors", Adv. Mater.  202335, 2203401  (Review Article) (I.F.=29.4; JCR2022)

6. S. Lee‡, G. S. Lee‡, M. Kang, Y. H. Ha, Y.-H. Kim*, and D. S. Chung*, "High-Performance and High-Stability all-Polymer Photomultiplication-Type Organic Photodiode Using an NDI-Based Polymer Acceptor with Precisely Controlled Backbone Planarity", Adv. Funct. Mater.  202232, 2204383  (I.F.=19.924; JCR2021)


7. S. Yoon, G. S. Lee, K. M. Sim, M.-J. Kim, Y.-H. Kim,* and D. S. Chung*, "End-Group Functionalization of Non-Fullerene Acceptors for High External Quantum Efficiency over 150 000% in Photomultiplication Type Organic Photodetectors", Adv. Funct. Mater.  202131, 2006448  (I.F.=18.808; JCR2020)

8. K. Kim, K. M. Sim, S. Yoon, M. S. Jang, and D. S. Chung*, "Defect Restoration of Low-Temperature Sol-Gel-Derived ZnO via Sulfur Doping for Advancing Polymeric Schottky Photodiodes", Adv. Funct. Mater.  2018, 28, 1802582  (Frontispiece) (I.F.=13.325; JCR2017)

9. K. M. Sim, S. Yoon, S.-K. Kim, H. Ko, S. Z. Hassan and D. S. Chung*, "Surfactant-Induced Solubility Control To Realize Water-Processed High-Precision Patterning of Polymeric Semiconductors for Full Color Organic Image Sensor", ACS Nano  2020, 14, 415-421  (I.F.=14.588; JCR2019)

10. S. Yoon, K. M. Sim, and D. S. Chung*, "Bifunctional Etalon-Electrode To Realize High-Performance Color Filter Free Image Sensor", ACS Nano  2019, 13, 2127-2135  (I.F.=13.903; JCR2018)


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