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Polymer Energy Materials Laboratory

​고분자 에너지재료 연구실


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Phone: +82-54-279-2268


2005.03 ~ 2010.08: Ph.D. (POSTECH)

1999.03 ~ 2005.02: B.S. (POSTECH)

Academic Appoinments

2023 ~ : Professor (Department of Chemical Engineering, POSTECH)

2020 ~ 2023: Associate Professor (Department of Chemical Engineering, POSTECH)

2017 ~ 2020: Associate Professor (DGIST)

2013 ~ 2017: Assistant Professor (Chung-Ang University)

2010 ~ 2012: Post Doc. Researcher (University of Chicago)

Selected Publications (*Corresponding author)

1. S. Lee, J. Lee, H. R. Sim. C. So, and D. S. Chung*, "Shortwave Infrared Organic Photodiodes Realized by Polaron Engineering", Adv. Mater.  2023Accepted Articles, (I.F.=29.4; JCR2022)

2. H. R. Sim, S. Lee, J. Lee, S. Z. Hassan, G.-H. Nam, C. So, K. M. Sim  and D. S. Chung*, "Liquid-film Rupture for Web-like Ag Nanowires toward High-Performance Organic Schottky Barrier Transistors", ACS Nano  2023Accepted Articles, (I.F.=18.027; JCR2022)

3. D. Kim‡, H.-J. Park‡, S.-H. Jung, W. J. Pyo, S. Z. Hassan, H. R. Sim, J.-H. Lee*, D.-W. Jee*,  and D. S. Chung*, "Visible-light Communication with Lighting: RGB wavelength division multiplexing OLEDs/OPDs platform", Adv. Mater.  2023Accepted Articles, 2309416  (I.F.=29.4; JCR2022)

4. J. Kim‡, H. Kweon‡, M. Lee‡, M. Kang, S. Lee, S. An, W. Lee, S. Choi, H. Choi, Y. Seong, H. Ham, H. Cha, J. Lim, D. H. Kim*, B. Kim*, and D. S. Chung*, "Exciton-Scissoring Perfluoroarenes Trigger Photomultiplication in Full Color Organic Image Sensors", Adv. Mater.  2023Accepted Articles, 2302786  (I.F.=29.4; JCR2022)

5. J. Lee, S. Z. Hassan, S. Lee, H. R. Sim, and D. S. Chung*, "Azide-Functionalized Ligand Enabling Organic–Inorganic Hybrid Dielectric for High-Performance Solution-Processed Oxide Transistors", Nat. Commun.  202213, 7021  (I.F.=17.694; JCR2021)

6. M. Kang, S. Z. Hassan, S.-M. Ko, C. Choi, J. Kim, S. K. Parumala, Y.-H. Kim, Y. H. Jang, J. Yoon, D.-W. Jee, and D. S. Chung*, "A Molecular-Switch-Embedded Organic Photodiode for Capturing Images against Strong Backlight", Adv. Mater.  202233, 2200526  (I.F.=32.086; JCR2021)

7. J. Kim, M. Kang, S. Lee, C. So, and D. S. Chung*, "Interfacial Electrostatic-Interaction-Enhanced Photomultiplication for Ultrahigh External Quantum Efficiency of Organic Photodiodes", Adv. Mater.  202133, 2104689  (I.F.=30.849; JCR2020)

8. S. H. Yu‡, S. Z. Hassan‡, C. So, M. Kang, and D. S. Chung*, "Molecular-Switch-Embedded Solution-Processed Semiconductors", Adv. Mater.  202335, 2203401  (Review Article) (I.F.=29.4; JCR2022)

9. S. Lee‡, G. S. Lee‡, M. Kang, Y. H. Ha, Y.-H. Kim*, and D. S. Chung*, "High-Performance and High-Stability all-Polymer Photomultiplication-Type Organic Photodiode Using an NDI-Based Polymer Acceptor with Precisely Controlled Backbone Planarity", Adv. Funct. Mater.  202232, 2204383  (I.F.=19.924; JCR2021)

10. S. Yoon, G. S. Lee, K. M. Sim, M.-J. Kim, Y.-H. Kim,* and D. S. Chung*, "End-Group Functionalization of Non-Fullerene Acceptors for High External Quantum Efficiency over 150 000% in Photomultiplication Type Organic Photodetectors", Adv. Funct. Mater.  202131, 2006448  (I.F.=18.808; JCR2020)

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